Tips for higher rankings in 2021

Tips for higher rankings in 2021

Today we have prepared some tips for higher rankings of your website on Google for 2021. As it is well known, Google regularly updates its algorithm. Which of course affects the rankings of the websites in its results. However, according to the data so far, 2021 will be a year with huge changes in SEO industry. The reason of course is Google’s emphasis on different factors that we knew until know.

What will change in SEO in 2021?

There are many SEO factors that affect the rankings of your website in search engine results. Surely most of them will continue to influence search engine results. However, some factors will bring huge changes in the SEO community, as they drastically change the data so far. But before we discuss in detail all the tips for higher rankings in 2021, it would be good to mention some of the factors that you should never give up.

The key SEO factors for higher rankings

You have probably heard that SEO factors are more than 200. However, not all of them have the same weight. The data so far show that the most important factors influencing a site’s rankings on Google and other search engines are:

  • Meta titles and descriptions optimization.
  • Proper use of keywords in the content.
  • Image and alt texts optimization.
  • Speed optimization and security (SSL).
  • Schema Markup.
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web Design and Development.
  • Social Media Presence.
  • Backlinks Creation.

The above optimizations are the most basic in SEO and will guarantee you a rise in search engines. However, as mentioned above, 2021 will be a year of great changes. Let’s see what that means.

Top seo factors in 2021

Technology is evolving and with it SEO too. Google has long shown that it places great emphasis on websites that respond to these technological advances and rewards them with higher rankings in its results. This is why the entire SEO community is focusing in 2021 on three key optimization factors. Let’s see them in detail:

Core Web Vitals and User Experience (UX)

Core web vitals are a set of metrics that relate to the loading speed of a web page and generally the experience it offers to a user. Surely loading speed was already one of the key factors in Seo. However, in 2021 things become a little more specialized, as everything shows that Core Web Vitals will be, if not the most important one of the most important ranking factors in in Google search results.

So if you want to follow our tips, pay close attention to optimizing Core Web Vitals. In particular, there are three different metrics that affect the experience of a visitor to your website. These measurements are:

  • Largest contentful paint (LCP)
  • Cumulative layout shift (CLS)
  • First input delay (FID)

A quick check of these measurements can be done through the Google Pagespeed Insights platform. There you will find detailed information about what each one is and how you can improve it. In a newer article we will go into more detail on how to improve Core Web Vitals for better Google rankings.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Search

Artificial intelligence has been playing an important role in SEO lately. After all, Google’s RankBrain algorithm has been playing an important role for several years. The question is how you will be able to improve your website for this AI Algorithm. SEO experts say that the key factor here is the experience that your website offers to visitors and specifically the Click Through Rate (CTR), number of page views, returning visitors, bounce rate, etc.

However, in addition to improving a visitor experience, it would be good to optimize your website for Google voice search too. With more and more smart devices appearing, it makes sense for Google to focus on websites and e-shops that are optimized for voice search.

High Quality Content

Content has always been the most important factor in SEO. However, things will change a bit in 2021 in terms of the length of the texts on your website. As you will have noticed, more and more websites are using extensive content. A text of 500-600 words was considered satisfactory to the “eyes” of Google until some time ago. However, we would say that this is a thing of the past, since as you can observe from the first results in Google, websites ae using texts longer than 1000 words.

In fact, for 2021, many SEO analysts report that you may need more than 2000 words in some of your texts and articles, in order to ensure better rankings. Of course, the number of words is not the only factor, since your texts should always be of good quality, offering useful information to your website visitors.

Mobile Optimized Content

Last but not least, optimizing your website for mobile phones, as is already known, plays a crucial role in search engine results rankings. However, things will get even tougher in 2021, with search engines rewarding websites that not only have a responsive design, but are specifically designed to offer a great experience to mobile phone users.

Which of course implies the need to create a separate version of your website for users via mobile phones and tablets. After all, one major problem with responsive web-based platforms is that they load several CSS and JS files regardless of the device the user is using. Although for a computer the load may be small, the same is not true for a mobile phone.


So the key tips for higher rankings in 2021 are to focus on Core Web Vitals, artificial intelligence, quality content and mobile phone users. The truth is that these optimizations are extremely difficult and specialized tasks that only an experienced web design company can undertake.

So if you want to see your website climb to the top of Google results, all you have to do is contact us. WeProgs experienced professionals will ensure the best results for your website.

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