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E-commerce website development is now an essential part of every business. At Weprogs we undertake to design your e-commerce website adapted to your unique needs. We emphasize the ease of user navigation, website’s functionality and the easy stages of checkout.

E-commerce development Weprogs

However, the right E-commerce development that suits best your business can be an overwhelming task for you. That is why our team will make anything possible to cover all your needs. We will carry out a deep analysis of your business, products, target audience, requirements, and budget; and proffer the best solutions that will enhance your business.

We are among the leading E-commerce developer companies in Florida USA, with the experience and expertise to develop E-commerce strategy, migrations, integrations, support and UX designs. We deliver solutions that will revolutionize your business for growth. We are available in every step of the process in order to listen to your needs and meet them in the best possible way.

Our e-commerce development strategy

E-commerce website development is much more than just developing a website and uploading products. An eshop should meet the needs of the modern market and of course promote your products in the best way.

After all, the main goal of each store is to attract new visitors and turn them into customers. In order to archive this with complete success,  it requires a series of tasks which only an experienced web design and development company like Weprogs can provide you.

As we will analyze below, the construction of e-commerce websites that we undertake, is developed on WordPress platform using the plugin Woo-Commerce. In most cases, this platform is the most suitable option for your business purpose. Our e-commerce development strategy follows specific steps that will guarantee your business overall success.

1. Understanding your company, products and goals

Whether it is a professional website or an online store, the first step is to understand your business, the type of your products and the goals you want to achieve through it.

The entire web design and development of your online store will be based on these specific features, in order to respond in the best possible way to the philosophy of your business.

2. Study of competition

One of the key goals is to convince your visitors to choose your e-commerce store over your competitors. To achieve this, of course, a detailed study of competition must be done. Once we understand the strategies implemented by your competitors, we are able to develop solutions that will bring you above them in consumer preferences.

3. Modern e-commerce website development

After completing the first stages of research and individual analysis, we begin the process of developing your e-shop. The design will be based on all the information we have collected, which of course will be captured on a website of high aesthetics and excellent functionality.

To achieve this, we will integrate all modern functions and technologies, such as:


  • SEO & Mobile Friendly Design
  • High security and data privacy
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Hassle-free transactions
  • Easy navigation experience for users
  • Numerous payment gateway options
  • Flawless shopping experience for users
  • Ecommerce platforms with email marketing tools, blogging and social media

4. SEO optimization

After the construction of your online store is completed and you inform us about any changes in its design, our experienced team will make all the necessary Search Engine optimization. Our goal is not only to create an eshop, but also to highlight it at the top of search results.

E-commerce Website Development Company in Florida USA

Weprogs is an innovative and specialized e-commerce website development Company in Florida. Services such as web design and eshop development require much more knowledge than just setting up a platform. In order to make an online store fully functional and competitive in the online market, it requires a more specialized approach from experienced professionals.

This is why at Weprogs, we give life to creative ideas, building beautiful and functional e-commerce stores using optimized coding and integration of all modern technologies. This is what makes our services the best in Florida USA.

WordPress e-commerce development

WordPress is the most popular web development platform with more than 30 million websites. The main reason that so many website owners choose this platform is the huge possibilities it offers as well as the ease of use for the administrations. The e-commerce website development in WordPress, is done by installing the Woocommerce plugin, which unlocks all the functions of an online store (products, reviews, cart, checkout etc).

The benefits that Woocomerce offers to an e-commerce website are huge. Some of them are:

  • It is SEO friendly
  • Easy to add and edit products
  • Complete inventory management
  • Interface with all payment methods
  • Use different shipping methods
  • Detailed statistical data
wordpress e-commerce development

These advantages are just a few of the features provided by the WordPress platform. Depending on your needs, the right installation of add-ons is able to unlock new features, allowing you to create the ultimate shopping experience for your visitors.

E-commerce website development cost

Many people are interested in being informed about e-commerce website development cost. However, when it comes to the success of your business and its online growth, the cost is the least that should concern you.

Creating an e-commerce website is the most important investment for a business today. As with any investment, the important is not the amount that you will invest, but the return on the investment that you will receive. By choosing our company, your online store will bring the highest rates of ROI (Return Of investment).

Of course we do not mention all of the above in order to persuade you to pay exorbitant amounts. After all, at Weprogs our goal is the best customer service. This is the reason why in us you will find the lowest prices in e-commerce development. Specifically, eshop design and development packages start at $ 1200 and the total amount depends on your personal needs

E-commerce development for businesses

From small businesses to the biggest brands, e-commerce development for businesses offers a great number of advantages that will help them maximize their profits. In a fairly competitive market that seeks convenience; modern consumers choose to make their purchases from their computer or smart phone. In order to take advantage of this audience for the benefit of your business, the construction of an online store is necessary.

In Weprogs we are proud of the solutions we provide to all types of businesses that want to expand their online presence. We undertake both B2C and B2B e-commerce development that will bring new customers for your business from day one.

B2B e-commerce development

In contrast with B2C e-commerce development, B2B (business to business) aims to sell products in businesses. Although at first it seems that in both cases, the e-shop development is the same, in reality it differs greatly. The main reason is that a B2C eshop usually targets a large number of customers. It makes sense, considering that these customers usually complete small orders.

A B2B eshop targets businesses that are willing to spend a fairly high amount. This is why every business searches long enough to find the right B2B e-commerce website. After all, their goal is to develop a long-term cooperation and not an individual order.

So, our approach in each of the above cases differs greatly, in order to bring the best results for your business, whatever audience it targets. If you are interested in e-commerce website development with the best results and at the lowest market prices, all you have to do is contact us and talk about your needs. Our experienced team will develop solutions that will exceed your expectations.

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